Congratulations Marion!

Submitted by Toastmaster Donald Knowles

Toastmaster Donald Knowles

It was a marvellous turn out. The writer was in attendance at the Division B event on the preceding Wednesday and Division L easily had 3 times the number in the audience. Marion was calm and cool as always and it was a pleasure to hear someone using an evaluation structure. We heard 3 Free Formats , 1 Good Better Best, and 1 Three Strongest Points. In the International contest, well let’s just say that I was as enthralled as ever to hear the story of 2 seemingly insignificant men again. The event was well run, the refreshments were well done, and all for the princely sum of $2.00 per head. Marion, thank you for your hard work and performances. Congratulations on your finishes.


Toastmaster Marion West

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2 responses to “Congratulations Marion!

  1. I hope Marion will consider that article for the blog…hint,hint.

  2. In the evaluation contest I think the top 3 winners were within a half a point of each other and it could have gone in a couple of different ways. In the speech contest, I thought the lady who did the “Little Engine That Could” got robbed.

    Trying to second guess the judges is one of the reasons I enjoy going to Area, Division and District contests. Each contest is judged under its own criteria and somethings the judges get it right and sometimes they don’t.

    Marion says she’s writing an article for the club on how to win a contest (and if anyone should know, it would be her) and I’d recommend that potential contestants and future judges might want to look for it for tips on how to win and how to judge.