Presidential State-of-the-Season Post

It was an amazing night.

The symmetry was interesting.  We started on Thursday September 9 and finished on Thursday June 9.

(In photo President Knowles gets some needed mentoring from Toastmaster Sharon Jenkins.)

There were the usual gotchas to the meeting to be sure.  You know, the usual role changes due to work assignments, illness, etc.  The chair (Moderator’s Note: Donald was the chair and is speaking about himself) missing two of the assignment changes on the agenda.  Nothing really bad mind you, just less than perfect.

The room was in a jovial mood as everyone was in great spirits.  There were even 3 guests on the last night of the year.  The theme was All Good Things and everyone ran with it, from Table Topics , toasts, to speaker and evaluation introductions.  Everyone did a great job and the evening progressed smoothly.

Michelle Gillies was totally surprised by her award, but I do think greatly pleased.

We had a few club firsts; Heather nailed her first GEV assignment and Olga did likewise for her TOM assignment.  Well done ladies.  Dave completed his CC, with the understanding that the paperwork will be completed in the new year post June 30. The club also had its first High Performance Leadership completion in recent memory.  We had a few familiar faces missing and I do hope all is well.  There are 2 functions left for the year; the executive transition process and then the final year end party.

The club is in great hands for next year and I wish everyone the best.

Have a great and safe summer and see everyone back at the lectern in September.



2 responses to “Presidential State-of-the-Season Post

  1. Yes Donald it was a memorable night! I think I black out for half a second when you called my name. It is quite an honour to have my name amongst those on trophy. First Oakville is an amazing club and we had another amazing year. It will be a tough act to follow as I scour for a new club after the move.
    I will miss you all.

  2. Thank you Donald and the entire 2010-2011 executive and advisors and committee members for one of the most enjoyable Toastmaster seasons of great speaking.

    Looking forward to next year and hope to see you all.