Running Late

Hi Everybody:

Val’s question last night “is running late an issue” (and, more
importantly, the answer) I find very, very interesting:

There was a general assumption that timing was a fairly serious
issue.  Personally, I don’t feel that strongly about it, but I felt
others did so I went along with it.  (And, btw, I, personally, feel
we shouldn’t be careless about it either, also; there is a  balance).

Yet, this assumption was never investigated until Val raised it as a

And, when she did, the answer was not at all what the club expected,
I suspect – strongly by a 2 to 1 margin “no” (I certainly was quite


Key Lesson Of The Meeting:  always, when possible, gather the facts
directly – avoid assumptions, pre-conceived ideas.  Things may not be
what you think/assume.

I’m sure we all have had this thought/message given to us at various
points in the past – ‘avoid assumptions’, yet we, as  humans,
continue to do it – take dubious intellectual shortcuts unconsciously.

This is not to say that conscious, verified, accepted, documented
assumptions are bad, but unconscious ones definitely are – they are
never verified, never explicitly thought about, inherently invisible
and may be wrong.  And if they’re wrong, you’re off on a tangent,
potentially wasting  a lot of time.



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