And The Winner Is…

Marion West won the Area 52 International Speech contest last night.

Marion’s speech “Forgiveness, Friendship and The Tale of Two Husbands” about her trip to Brazil at the invitation of her first husband (Peter) with “what’s-his-name” (also named Peter) her second husband in tow caught the judge’s favour.

Marion now goes on to the Divisional Contest on March 30.

In photo Marion is presented with the area trophy by area governor Carol Todd-Skuce.


4 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. fredericka archer

    I love this blog because I can identify with it . It is so real. Forgiveness is not easy to do but why be bitter and try to make people suffer when we are the only ones who suffer in the long run. If we forgive we live longer have less headaches and diseases. So just forgive and live a happylife like Marion who forgive her xhusband and won the award for the tale of two husbands. I hope she will go on to win also the divisional contest.

  2. Marion’s delivery of her speech was textbook-like! Her variety of voice was real; we, the listeners, could feel the raw emotions in all the episodes of this “journey”. Marion’s speech had all the exquisite elements we are looking for in a good discourse. Bravo! Bravo!

  3. Val Clements

    Marion was fabulous. The story is intriguing and delivered with such style, sincerity, and honest emotion. On to the next level.
    Well done Marion!

  4. Michelle Gillies

    This is wonderful! Congratulations to Marion. I love the title of the speech and the content sounds intriguing. I would love to hear this one.