Two Thoughts and A Rant

Are you unsure whether you’re ready to put your name forward to run for an execute position in our club for next year?

Why not let your fellow club members make that decision for you!

If you’re willing to put your name forward then you’re fellow club members may be willing to support you if they feel you have the potential to grow into the role. You can put your name forward at the election meeting itself.

This was the suggestion offered to a new member who wanted to serve but wasn’t sure they could do the job.

Another thought, well actually a plea:

We need 50 per cent plus one member to attend next week’s election. I believe the nominating committee and the chair for the evening have all the mechanics in place. All they need is everyone of us to attend and support the club by voting.

Finally, the decision not to ban cellphones which came up last night got me thinking about what did we every do before cellphones and I’ve made a post on my own blog. 

See you next week 🙂


One response to “Two Thoughts and A Rant

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Jumping in is the best way to learn something. You will be surrounded with people that can help, and will help guide you if you take on a new challenge on the executive. You make even surprise yourself and them and be the best darn (treasurer, secretary VP PR, VP Education etc. that the club ever had. Just do it!