Mentoring Workshop

We are blogging  live from First Oakville Toastmasters Mentoring Workshop taking place at our vice-president  of eduction’s Oakville’s home. In addition to VP Linda, we have eight other senior members  who will be talking about mentoring  in our very successful club.

Mentoring newcomers in a club with a membership list approaching 60 members has lots of challenges and brings with it tons of excitement and enthusiasm.

We’ve all got or coffee,  so here we go…

The discussion begins with a sharing of how each mentor works with his or her mentee. Each of us it seems makes a connection with their mentee in our own ways. Some of us reach out more than others but each of us, it seems offers our time and then allow the mentee to acccess us as needed.

…and so it went. The meeting is over now but overall I think the participants found it most enlightening and energizing. We’ve developed some ideas we will be sharing with our mentees and with the club in general in the near future. Stay tuned 🙂


One response to “Mentoring Workshop

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Great idea, Peter.
    I really believe having the right Mentor makes all the difference. I was blessed to have the most phenomenal one. I can only hope that when it was my turn to I was at least half as effective.