Tall Tales Contest

Thanks to the masterful chairing of seasoned Toastmaster Dale Fisher we had two meetings last night. The first was a regular dinner meeting and the second was our Tall Tales Contest.

Tall Tales is a great opportunity for new and not-so-new Toastmasters to compete in a fun and challenging contest. It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at chairing a contest or being chief judge or judging, timing or being a counter. Helping out in these smaller contests is a wonderful way to find out how these contests are organized and how to create a fun evening for everyone.

Last night’s contest winner was Deborah Bartucci with her vampire-theme tale closely followed by Daniel Bruch and first-timer Cam McDougall who took third.

Next week’s meeting is our annual auction with first-time auctioneer Tyler Bailey. Please bring your lightly used items a few minutes early to the meeting so potential bidders can assess their interest.


One response to “Tall Tales Contest

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Congratulations Deborah!
    Well done Daniel and Cam and everyone who took up the challenge.
    I’m really sorry I missed this competition, it has always been one of my favourite Toastmasters evenings.