Monthly Archives: May 2012

Grow Up

Don’t ¬†you just want to yell that at some people ūüôā during the busines session at First Oakille Toastmasters?

Sure you do! We all do. It even happens in the House of Commons. New House leader Nathan Nathan Cullen is pleading with MPs to start acting like grown-ups.

Unfortunately what Cullen is missing is the fact that the MPs are acting like grownups.

When we are  passionate about what we believe in sometimes civility goes out the window and while the bad behaviour makes for  good TV it makes the political pr0cess look bad.

Some solutions offered in an article in today’s National Post: shock collars (first ¬†recommended at one of our club meetings); rules about not making noise (like booing); introduce (puppies as nobody is going to yell when pupppies are around); and why not conduct the business session using Twitter (now we’d have a good use for alll those cellphones we see sitting on tables at our meetings.

So  grow up already!