You Can’t Fake It

There’s an article in today’s Arts section of The Globe and Mail which compares Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech at the Oscars to Anne Hathaway’s.Unknown

Poor Jennifer. Dressed in an overflowing wedding-design dress she fell on the stairs as she was making her way to accept her Oscar. She forgot to thank the two most important people involved with making Silver Lining Playbook. Her speech was short, breathless and amateurish.

Anne on the other hand walked gracefully on stage to the microphone. She thanked everyone who needed thanking and gave an obviously rehearsed competent acceptance speech.

And the critics’s response?

They pilloried Hathaway accusing her of attempting to manufacture a likeability factor and Lawrence…they loved it as it was sincere, youthful and naively ingenue. (The newspaper article suggested she not try to duplicate the effect next time.)


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