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Parliamentary Procedure and the Senate Scandal

The ongoing drama surrounding the possible suspension of three Canadian Senators for allegedly misspending public funds is a real-life lesson for anyone interested in how groups work.

Without taking sides or going into who said what to whom, the debate in the Senate about whether or not to suspend members is fascinating.

The issue comes down to whether or not the Senate has the right to suspend members prior to the completion of investigations into the allegations.

This is called “due process” and speaks to the issue of fairness.

The Liberal senators earlier this week moved a motion to limit debate on the issue. If this motion is passed, we might see the Senate vote  on the main motion (to suspend) as early as Friday.

At Toastmasters we use the very same parliamentary process as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order during our business meeting and the scandal sweeping the Senate is well worth watching.

Area 52 Humourous Speech & Table Topics Contests @ First Oakville Toastmasters

Autumn Greetings,

First Oakville Toastmasters has the privilege of hosting the upcoming annual Area 52 Humourous Speech & Table Topics Contests.  Members and guests are welcome to join our Club this upcoming Thursday October 24th 2013 during our regularly scheduled meeting time, starting at 7:15 until 9:30pm.  

Our own David Webster will be representing our Club #2245 in the Humourous Speech Contest with his presentation that had us hootin’ & hollering!  Peter West is our Club’s selection for the Table Topics Contest, for his ability to think quickly and coherently on his feet.

They will be up to some stiff competition from other Area 52 Toastmaster Clubs Oakville Trafalgar, Glen Abbey, Horizon & Mighty Oaks.  The winners of these Contests will move on to the next level at the Division contest at Dundas’ Town Hall November 8th.  From there, Division winners will compete at District 86 Fall Conference November 22-24th, 2013 in Collingwood.  All are welcome to share in the fun!

~Eleanor Hayward VP PR

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