What We Can Learn From Mayor Ford

If you are able to tune into 680 News (www.680news.com) on occasion there’s a live feed running from Toronto’s Council Chamber.

Today speaker was Councillor Frances Nunziata and, all-in-all, she did a prettyc9fe4f5aa3396092d94f1a9429b378ed good job of keeping order despite many Toronto councillors obviously having watched “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” once too many times.

For example one councillor rose to say he’d yield his time to the mayor. That’s nice but it’s not done and is out of order.

In the midst of motions to censor the mayor, Ford rose to move his own motion to have all councillors tested for drugs and alcohol. His motion was ruled out of order.

By comparison First Oakville Toastmasters runs a much better business session using Robert’s Rules of Order than Toronto City Hall.


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