Christmas Party Perfection

Paula asked me to step in and offer some thoughts here on the club blog and what better topic than last night’s annual First Oakville Toastmaster Christmas Party.XMAS-5920

In the past few years organizing committee members for past Christmas parties have created sensational events and last night was no exception.

It was a Christmas party in the finest traditions of First Oakville Toastmaster. For example, as in the past, our very untraditional Santa Claus made his annual visit. It didn’t take Santa long to figure out who had been naughty (Marion) and who had been nice.XMAS-5872

Mike, the manager of the Quality Inn, went all out to insure we had a great time. Not only did the service staff have everything ready for us but they didn’t hesitate to work on the details that made last night so much fun.

And speaking of the Inn, the full-service turkey dinner was as good as mom makes (and maybe even a little better) and was enjoyed by all.

Many of our newest members were part of the festive events and they did XMAS-5905themselves proud. (That’s Claudia playing the part of the bratty child.) We know how tough it is do a speech at Toastmasters when you’re just new but to participate in a play where you have to act was a huge step up for new Toastmasters and they are to be commended.

As should all who were part of this year’s event committee.

I would like to offer three special accommodations. The first is to our chair for the evening Elaine Collins. Elaine, in a very short time, has shown remarkable growth in our Toastmaster program and last night she dazzled us with these skills.XMAS-2985

As chair, it’s your responsibility to set the tone for the evening. It’s up to you to draw attention to the participants of the night while purposely downplaying your own part so as to not overshadow those who also share the lectern.

Elaine did this with great mastery and such skill should be noticed and appreciated.

The second accommodation I’d like to offer is to Sharon Jenkins. The reading of XMAS-5954a story hasn’t been done better in my opinion. It was masterful and powerful. It created one of the many special moments of last night’s party. Well done Sharon.

Finally I’m going to add a special accommodation to David Webster and his wife Julia for again creating a fun and entertaining contest which got all the dinner guests up and running around. It was quite challenging and everyone got into the spirit of the night.XMAS-5959

Photos from last night’s Christmas Party are available for viewing at the First Oakville Toastmasters Flickr gallery.


2 responses to “Christmas Party Perfection

  1. This makes me really miss you all. Merry Christmas to all my First Oakville family and a wonderful New Year.

  2. Perfection indeed! A great evening and lots of fun.