Toastmaster Learning Institute (TLI), February 17, 2014

This was not the same old mid-term club executive training, redux.

First of all the stats; 

There were over 300 Toastmasters in attendance,

40 sessions: 14 unique single sessions; 13 duplicated for easier attendance.

Club executive positions:  5 sessions,

Better clubs: 14 sessions,

Membership advancement: 8 sessions.


All sessions were chaired by advanced Toastmasters who knew the subject matter.  All sessions in the cafetorium were miked.  We could hear everything whether we wanted to or not (TIC).

Lunch was not the usual pizza with questionable availability.  It was pasta, meatballs, sauce, salads, water, ice tea and Tim Horton’s coffee.  There was enough food and water for everyone.


There was the opening key note address and the luncheon keynote by William Cassels Music to my Ears.  William’s topic was giving a speech set to music to illustrate vocal variety styling and the poetry of the words spoken in conjunction to the mood of the music.  It was fabulous and thought provoking.  There was also a wind down address.


The commitment by the District Executive to the serious process of enriching the lives of the Toastmasters present and enriching their Toastmaster experience was, again, noteworthy in its execution.  They walked the talk.  For a volunteer organization with a single year mandate this is exemplary, and pointedly unusual.


All breakout sessions were in legitimate class rooms in a comfortable, quality, high school setting.  The only grouse would be that the heat was turned up to make us comfortable so that we could concentrate on the respective message being given.  Pasta with heat after 13:00 could be a presenter’s nightmare but candy was offered to keep the brains awake.


It was not just the usual mid-term  club executive warm over but truly an education process with something for just about anyone.  If nothing presented was of value to you then you were obviously a seasoned Toastmaster and probably should have been a presenter.


Congrats to everyone involved in this. There were obviously too many to applaud singly.  This year’s D86 Executive has raised the bar very high.  It may mean that going forward this event will be the reference check.  Going forward there will need to be greater care and consideration when putting on an event such as this.  We as members should thank everyone involved because we will all be better off for their wonderful efforts!


~Donald Knowles, Area Governor


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