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2015-2016 Executive Elections

2015-2016 Executive

2015-2016 Executive

From Left: Rhiannon Filip-VPPR, Elena Botos-Treasurer,  Zulma Garcia-VPED, Luke Jin-SAA, Peter West-President, Mark Molder-VPMEM,
Rosa Rodriguez-Secretary

First Oakville
It was my pleasure last Thursday night to conduct the 2014-2015 Elections.  We had good attendance and support for the new executive.  The new executive term will run from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Please help me congratulate and welcome next years in-coming executive:
President – Peter West
Vice President Education – Zulma Garcia
Vice President Membership – Mark Molder
Vice President of Public Relations – Rhiannon Filip
Treasurer – Elena Botos
Secretary – Rosa Rodriguez
Sargent at Arms – Luke Jin

The in-coming executive have made a commitment to give back to the club with their own personnel time and skills to help run the club.  The club does not function without the executive.  So help support next years executive by attending meetings, full filling your roles, finding replacements, pursuing the programs CC manuals, CL manuals, advanced manuals and responding to their requests and inquires in a timely manner.

Adrian Scott

Tall Tales Contest 2015

Maybe in the distant past we’ve had more contestants entering the Tall Tales Contest.

Maybe in the distant past we’ve had more entertaining speeches in the Tall Tales Contest.

Maybe in the distant past we’ve had more deserving winners in the Tall Tales Contest.2015-04-23 20.09.12

But last night, there was nobody in the full-house crowd who could remember a better attended, better run contest with a more deserving winners and contestants than the First Oakville Tall Tales Contest for 2015.

In photo above from left to right: Contest Chief Judge Hal Shaw, John Smissen, Deborah Bartucci, Olga Gappasova, Adrian Scott, Katherine Ryell, Loreen Patrick, David Ruben, Rosa Rodrigez and Contest Chair Mark Molder.

And the winner was our own president Toastmaster Adrian Scott (right) whose Tall Tales speech about an alien invasion was hilarious and as farfetched as anything we’ve ever heard.2015-04-23 20.12.18

Second place was Deborah Bartucci’s  Tall Tale about getting facial reconstruction was right up as well as one of the best Tall Tale speeches we’ve ever heard.

John Smissen’s third place win as the pregnant man was one of John’s best speeches ever and John knows how to deliver a great speech and did so last night.

And there were eight contestants including several very new members who bravely took to the stage and gave really excellent speeches! All of the contestants raised the bar when it comes to the club’s Tall Tale Contest and next year should be amazing! Expect costumes and props!!

Members of First Oakville Toastmasters can review the speeches which they can view in their DropBox folders.

Fail Your Way To Success

All of these thoughts come from an article in The Globe and Mail by Roy Osing.

This excellent article was part of the Globe Careers’ Leadership Lab series and is well worth reading. In it Osing writes about how it is imperfection that explains most success. He talks about how school leaves us with the impression that there is only one right answer to a problem rather than real-world results which are often messy and inelegant.

Osing’s second point is about losing being a better teacher than success. And isn’t that what we find here in our Toastmaster journey. While success can be sweet, it those nights when the speech doesn’t go as well as you’d like that motivates us to improve our skills and try again?

An excellent article for all of us to read and to remember it’s not the destination but the journey that counts in our educational programs.