2015-2016 Executive Elections

2015-2016 Executive

2015-2016 Executive

From Left: Rhiannon Filip-VPPR, Elena Botos-Treasurer,  Zulma Garcia-VPED, Luke Jin-SAA, Peter West-President, Mark Molder-VPMEM,
Rosa Rodriguez-Secretary

First Oakville
It was my pleasure last Thursday night to conduct the 2014-2015 Elections.  We had good attendance and support for the new executive.  The new executive term will run from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Please help me congratulate and welcome next years in-coming executive:
President – Peter West
Vice President Education – Zulma Garcia
Vice President Membership – Mark Molder
Vice President of Public Relations – Rhiannon Filip
Treasurer – Elena Botos
Secretary – Rosa Rodriguez
Sargent at Arms – Luke Jin

The in-coming executive have made a commitment to give back to the club with their own personnel time and skills to help run the club.  The club does not function without the executive.  So help support next years executive by attending meetings, full filling your roles, finding replacements, pursuing the programs CC manuals, CL manuals, advanced manuals and responding to their requests and inquires in a timely manner.

Adrian Scott


One response to “2015-2016 Executive Elections

  1. Thanks Adrian for your kind words. Next year I hope to see a renewed emphasis on our club and member leadership programs. Also I trust the very successful mentor initiative launched by this year’s VP of Ed Katherine Ryell will continue. There will be lots of opportunities to work on the Christmas party and Charter Party committees so it’s not too early to put your name in if you want to help. This has been an exceptional year for First Oakville Toastmasters and it’s my desire to carry on in the same tradition.