Prison Debaters Triumph

An Associated Press article in today’s National Post reports that the Harvard debate team, who recently won a national title, went down to defeat debating a group of New York prison inmates.debating.debating_659657534

The New York maximum-security prison was the scene when the inmate team, defending a position they oppose, argued that public schools should be allowed to turn away students whose parents entered the U.S. illegally. A panel of neutral judges deemed the inmate team the winner against the highly educated and trained Harvard team.

The convicts had learned how to debate by taking classes at a nearby college.

Debates are part of Toastmasters although most clubs don’t put a debate on their schedules. Debates are much harder than they appear and have very specific rules of engagement. If your club offers a debate, why not jump in. If a group of college-trained convicts can defeat the national title winners there’s hope for us all.


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