The Spark Plug

First Oakville Toastmasters has a beautiful tradition of handing out home made awards for interesting events that occur during the course of a meeting. As a new member to the club I feel delighted and newly inspired each time that one of these club honours is awarded during a meeting. Tonight we learned about the Spark Plug Award. Our chair for the evening Toastmaster Loreen Paterick awarded the Spark Plug to both Aman Kapur and John Smissen for together providing the spark that ignited the energy level in our A- meeting this evening to a new height.
Toastmaster Hal Shaw created the trophy which is a real spark plug mounted on a pedestal, to be awarded to a club member who, as a spark plug does, delivered the electric current to ignite the meeting to a higher energy level. A creative and inspiring award to remind all that the energy of one is contagious to all. Smile and the world will smile with you. Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Thank you Toastmaster Hal for bringing this lovely tradition to First Oakville Toastmasters Club and thank you to Loreen for awarding it to two deserving members tonight!
Experienced Toastmaster Members. I would appreciate if you would take the time to post a response to this note: the other club awards that we have at FOTM and what they are awarded for or stories of who has won them and why in past meetings.
With so many new members, lets take a moment to pass on the traditions!

One response to “The Spark Plug

  1. I never knew it was Hal Shaw who created the spark plug award but in hindsight it makes sense 🙂