On your marks, get set, ready, GO!!!!

Public Speaking is not a spring, it's a marathon!

Tonight First Oakville Toastmasters will be hosting a Speech Marathon Night like no other.

10 speakers, 10 evaluators, 2 hours.  10 of our members will be one speech closer to reaching their goals.  We have had a very busy and successful year at First Oakville Toastmasters and just when you would think we’d start winding things down, we’ve turned up the heat a bit.  Tonight speaker order will be selected randomly and members will be delivering projects from the Competent Communicator, Advanced Specialty Speeches manual, and many Pathways speeches.

Guests are ALWAYS welcome, in fact, we are pleased to welcome two very special guests with us tonight from, Own The Moment Oakville Toastmasters.

Ready, set, SPEAK!

Running is the great metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.



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