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First Oakville

I was humbled to serve as your president this year for such a great club.  It was such a pleasure meeting and working with everyone of you each week.  I was not perfect but learned from every experience.

The club and executive support made the job so much easier.  I would like to thank all you for supporting us and attending and participating each week.  It is said a lot, and I suppose that members of other clubs think theirs are the best, but First Oakville is truly a great club.

Our greatest challenge this year as an executive was not the move in venue but getting response on if members were returning during the summer.  Please help Zulma in her new role as VP Education and Mark as VP Membership and respond to their inquires as to your educational goals and return status to the club.  While you are vacationing this summer and taking a break from Toastmasters, the new incoming executive are working hard through the summer planning the 2015-2016 season.

Thank You First Oakville for Making my Term so Great
Adrian Scott, President.


2015-2016 Executive Elections

2015-2016 Executive

2015-2016 Executive

From Left: Rhiannon Filip-VPPR, Elena Botos-Treasurer,  Zulma Garcia-VPED, Luke Jin-SAA, Peter West-President, Mark Molder-VPMEM,
Rosa Rodriguez-Secretary

First Oakville
It was my pleasure last Thursday night to conduct the 2014-2015 Elections.  We had good attendance and support for the new executive.  The new executive term will run from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Please help me congratulate and welcome next years in-coming executive:
President – Peter West
Vice President Education – Zulma Garcia
Vice President Membership – Mark Molder
Vice President of Public Relations – Rhiannon Filip
Treasurer – Elena Botos
Secretary – Rosa Rodriguez
Sargent at Arms – Luke Jin

The in-coming executive have made a commitment to give back to the club with their own personnel time and skills to help run the club.  The club does not function without the executive.  So help support next years executive by attending meetings, full filling your roles, finding replacements, pursuing the programs CC manuals, CL manuals, advanced manuals and responding to their requests and inquires in a timely manner.

Adrian Scott

New Beginnings


It is a new season of toastmasters and we have the first three weeks under our belt.  It is so good to see so many of you back and so glad that you could find us.  We have had strong attendance the first three weeks and averaging three guests per night, which is really encouraging.

Like nature and business one must be flexible and able to adapt to the changing environment or you will not survive.  As toastmasters we learn to handle change and difficult situations.  Weather it is a cell phone going off during a speech, a piano playing in the lobby or the noise of a wedding reception next door we learn and are able to adapt.  To survive as a club we must also learn to change and adapt.   First Oakville Toastmasters is entering a new phase, like many times before in its 57 year history it is adapting and changing to survive as a club.

As an executive we had an unforeseen surprise this summer as our previous venue made several changes to our rental agreement, which represented a 54% increase in rental fees.  Due to shrinking membership numbers the executive would have had to raise the membership fees to unreasonable number over $350.  This would have been unacceptable and was felt would have caused the collapse of the club.  We began the process of adapting and started to look for a new venue.  Many were investigated and two were identified.  The Knights of Columbus was the most economical and suitable for our club.  It was determined to be the best venue for the long term health and success of the club.

As many of you have noticed our club is no longer a 45+ member club.  Many of our friends are not returning.  Some have moved, some have work and family obligations and some are trying new activities to help their personnel growth.  We will miss them and wish them well in their new adventures.  But what does this mean for the members of First Oakville?  Again we must learn and adapt.  It means that we all will be more involved each week with rolls and this is a good thing.  A much more reasonable size club will allow for more speaking opportunities and more advanced roles.  We should be able to grow and develop our members with quality in a reasonable time frame, which keeps their interest.

I have heard from people outside our club that First Oakville just happens.  It just doesn’t happen.  The success of First Oakville is not due to the executive, but the hard work of all its members.  The executive is like the cox in a rowing shell, we guide and encourage, but we can’t row the boat alone.  It takes all of you to row the boat and make First Oakville successful.   If we all share the work we will go farther than if only a few of us row.  When only a few row, they become fatigued and burnt out.

There are many different ways you can help row our boat; regular attendance, fulfilling your roles and finding replacements when you can’t, participating in contests as functionaries or contestants.  One can be part of the Video, Christmas Party and Charter Party committees, 50/50 ticket seller.  There are positons on the executive.  And for senor members being a mentor.

I call all First Oakville Toastmasters to become engaged and row strong.

Adrian Scott, President First Oakville Toastmasters