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Another Home Run!

Submitted by Toastmaster Michelle Gillies

Congratulations to all who attended our First Oakville Toastmasters meeting on Thursday May 6th, 2010. Whether you were a member or a guest, you had the time of your life.

This was no ordinary meeting by any standards. There was definitely an energy level unlike any other. In fact, one of our guests when she spoke, pointed out that she had come to the meeting dragging and exhausted and was leaving energized and refreshed.

Marion West lead the way as our Chair and somehow managed to keep everything running smoothly. OK, occasionally she had to rein someone in (you all know who you are). As always it was done with the grace and charm that is Marion’s trademark.

We had a wonderful toast to a Canadian, some great table topics, a funny if not a little risque joke, a slightly awkward word of the day, three wonderful speeches and some fine evaluations.

Toastmaster Peter West aka: The Auctioneer

Why was this meeting so special? The laughter, the fun and the Auctioneer, that’s why. It was our annual clean out the stuff you have at home and come buy everyone else’s stuff auction. On behalf of everyone I would like to thank Toastmaster Peter West for giving us a night to remember. He was funny, he kept things moving as fast as he could, he kept us involved and spending money that I don’t think any of us realized we were spending. Bidding higher & higher on things we weren’t really sure what they were. And enjoying every minute of it. In the end we raised over $500.00 dollars for the club and we were all shocked. Had our ever diligent Chair not finally brought the auction to a close (as I said, with grace and charm) we would probably still be there bidding on the furniture in our meeting room.

It was a wonderful evening for all concerned. Thank you Peter for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run!

Welcome to Our World

Spring is in the air and with it we have welcomed some new little bundles of joy!  My niece gave birth to my grandniece March 31st, Linda Rossi welcomed her grandchild March 25th and the news we have all been waiting for is…

Toastmaster Susan Power & her new family member

Hi All,

Attached are a couple of pictures of my new baby boy (John William Power) who was born one week ago on April 12 @ 8:54pm. William was born at 8 lbs and 12 ounces. Robbie and me are really excited to have him; he was over two weeks late; and I was starting to wonder if he would ever show up 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the Toastmaster Season; see you all next September.


The Happy Family

Baby Will