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Summer Party – Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

First Oakville Toastmasters members and families gather together on a spectacular summer party to celebrate the end of an incredible season of learning, accomplishments and friendship.

FullSizeRender 2Too many reasons to celebrate and to be proud of, including our and our nation’s anniversaries.

Happy 150th Birthday CANADA



Thank you to all and special gratitude to toastmaster Cheryl Boxall-Etherington and husband for your kind hospitality! Enjoy your summer and see you all back on September 7th!

The Charter Party!

Toastmaster Donald Knowles

Submitted by Toastmaster Donald Knowles

It was a wonderful night.  The room was wonderfully laid out.  Not too big, not too small, just nice and cosy.  Everyone was dressed up and there was a palpable air of relaxation.  The bar tender must have slipped a little Prozac into the drink mixes.  The head table was piped in and introductions were made.  It was a nice touch to have the current District Governor Doreen Hilllier in attendance. 

The door prizes commenced early and continued often.  The food was indeed very good.  The service was also very good.  It is so nice to be in the presence of culinary pros.  Michelle let me know that the Atrium does Sunday brunch, which will be worth looking into.  The speeches were very good as usual.  I learned a lot last night about microphones.  If the speaker is miked then they do not need to stress the vocalisation so this changed the vocal dynamics of everyone present.  Interesting.  Congratulations to Marion, John, Deborah, and Hal for participating in the contest. We had about 52 years of accumulated TM talent on the stage last night.  Congratulations to Marion for her win and the best of luck moving forward in the Area contest.  Our President, John Smissen will be the alternate if Marion cannot go forward.  Hal changed his speech from Jump to Four Letter Words, which was well received.

The magician was very good and everyone enjoyed his banter.  Gerry was very restrained as an audience “volunteer” .  I am sure that I was not the only one present who was wondering how that was going to play out.  Being the pro that he is, Gerry didn’t upstage the magician.  But it was fun considering the possibilities. 

The DJ has serious equipment and a very good music selection.  He had obviously done this before and handled the volume adroitly. 

This was my first Charter Party, and all in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.  It was a also a successful evening for the committee; John Smissen, Deborah Bartucci, Katherine Ryell, Linda Rossi, Michelle Gillies, Iryna Linkova, Daniel Bruch, and yours truly .  In about 7 months or so, we will need to start again.  After participating in number 53 I am looking forward to number 54.  For those who missed it, it was a very good TM evening.  Forget the disclaimer, it was a very good evening, period.

Yours in Toastmasters



Many thanks to Toastmaster Peter West for all the wonderful photos of our evening. Below you will find a sampling, but I suggest you visit the site he emailed to us all so you can see the whole set. They are truly treasures!


A Christmas Message

Our President John Smissen and his little friend.

Phew, we are nearly at Christmas Day and I’ve almost finished gift buying. This is a record for me. Maybe I’ll escape the December 24 mad, mind concentrating, dash through the malls this year on Christmas Day minus one!

I hope that you are all almost ready for the Big Day on the 25th and also for the celebration as we welcome in the New Year 2010. It only seems like yesterday when we were worrying about the world as we knew it stopping on January 1 2000. Somehow life has a habit of surprising us and offering up new opportunities we often never anticipated.

The first four months of this seasons Toastmaster year has been a fun one I think. Thanks to my excellent Club Executive Committee we have maintained a vibrant Club and we have added some welcome new members who have taken up the Toastmaster challenge. Thanks also to our more seasoned members who have continued to contribute so much to our continued success. Our meetings continue to be well attended. Our first contest produced some excellent speeches. Our Christmas Party was well attended and enjoyed by all. Imagine what we can achieve in 2010

I’m looking forward to our upcoming competitions in 2010, to the Charter Party, and to many productive meetings as we pursue our objective of Unlocking Our Potential.

Unfortunately we have some members who are currently coping with illness themselves or in their family and we wish them all of them a speedy return to good health.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and merry Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year.

See you all on January 7 at our first meeting of 2010.



Many thanks to Peter West  for documenting our 2009 Christmas Party as only he can.  I leave you with a few samples of his work. For more be sure to check out his site.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you 2010