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It Really Pays Off

Submitted by Toastmaster Jamie McHardy

Toastmaster Jamie McHardy

I gave a speech at one of my best friend’s wedding on Saturday night and it was the best public speaking experience that I ever had. I wrote the speech early in the week and practiced it for a few hours until I had memorized it. In fact I practiced it so much that I started to recite it to my fiancé with an Irish accent, since I am not Irish and my accent wasn’t very good, she didn’t find it as funny as I did. As the ceremony ended and we all arrived at the reception, I didn’t feel as nervous as I used to feel when I was about to speak in public. In fact, instead of being nervous I was comfortable and confident. Instead of worrying about my nerves I made sure to think about vocal variety, eye contact and speech delivery. Being a member of First Oakville Toastmasters for almost a year and a half has really helped me, and I wanted to let all the newbie’s know that it really pays off.