Video Group

First Oakville Toastmasters is one of the few clubs that provides a video recording service to its members.

Every week we record the three speeches of the evening and the evaluations on a private, secure website called DropBox.

In order to do this work, the club agreed to form a Video Support Group composed of volunteers. The committee reports to the club’s sergeant-at-arms and is a standing committee. That is it continues from year to year without any further mandate or executive approval.

Here are the duties of the members of the VSG:

  1. Put your name forward to the committee and volunteer
  2. Inform the VP of Ed how often you’d like to volunteer
  3. On those occasions when you are the videographer do the following:
    1. Set up the camera, mic and tripod during the break
    2. Recommended distance is about 10 feet
    3. Using the remote control, record each speech as a separate file (This makes it easy to upload.)
    4. Record the evaluations as a separate file as well
    5. Take the equipment home for the week
    6. Download* the recordings to your personal computer
    7. Using your own video-editing software* render the files into watchable movie format (about 200 megabytes in size) as a large-size file
    8. Upload movies to Toastmaster folder on DropBox
    9. Inform club via email that the movies are uploaded
    10. Format (clean) memory card and charge battery
    11. Bring the equipment to the next club meeting

* I usually take the memory card out of the camera when I return home from the meeting and start IMovie and begin the downloading of the files into the software. The next morning all my files are waiting in IMovie to be rendered into a watchable movie format for viewing in any standard movie viewer. Everything works in the background and I can easily finish within an hour.

**Recommended video-editing software for MAC is IMovie and for PC is the free Microsoft Windows Movie Maker or the $99 Adobe Premier Elements. There many more programs that work just as well.

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