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Division L Evaluation and International Speech Contests

Friday March 21, 2014
Bishop Tonos High School, Ancaster, ON

Carol was there first, as expected, scoping out the venue. My daughter Reilly and I came along next.
We changed the chairs a bit and then started bringing in the food, supplies, and beverages.
The Evaluation Chair was in next and started to set up shop. Pretty soon we were awash in people arriving. There was a very nice buzz as people met and greeted.

The contest Sergeant At Arms, Mary Helwig-Hall, is a sometime school teacher and her outside voice was much practiced. I think everyone in the room reverted back to being in primary school and did exactly what they were told to do, when they were told to do it.
And down to business we went. Carol Todd-Skuce gave her welcomes, introduced Carolyn Hoxie who gave her welcomes, and introduced Tony, who rounded out the dignitary introductions.

Tim Bartol, the Contest Chair introduced Glen Abbey’s Reema Duggal as Chief Judge. Reema was her usual clear, succinct, and precise self. The contestants were warmed up and we were ready to go.

Assad Kamal from Grand River Toastmasters was the test speaker and he delivered an interesting take on compartmentalizing one’s life to manage it better. He was wearing a lot of bling on his fingers so it was no surprise to find that he designed and fabricated jewelry. Very nice stuff, glad the wife wasn’t there and Reilly has no interest in that kind of thing. Show her a first edition, first state, original copy of the Wizard of Oz and I’m in serious financial trouble. I digress as usual.

The contestants were Cody Novak (#51 – Brant), Frédérique Herel (#52 – Mighty Oaks), Robert Hurst (#54 – Brock talkers), Justin O’Donnell (#57 – Just Advanced), Bill Brodie (#56 – Burlington Advanced, and Rick Lundy (#55 – Honey Moon City).
The winners were; Rick Lundy 1st, Robert Hurst 2nd, and Bill Brodie 3rd. I was a contest functionary on this one and therefore have no comments on the judging.

The International Speech Contest was started after a 10 minute break. Mary Helwig-Hall called us back to order and the Contest Chair Connor Novak welcomed everyone and introduced the Chief Judge Orest Nahacziwec, who read the rules.

The contestants were: John Demarco #54 – Access; Tony Corrie #52 – Glen Abbey; Gary Ford #56 – Mansion; Wayne Buchowski #57 – Garden City; Don Robertson #53 – Stoney Creek; Derek McGrattan #51 – Brant; and Joanne Gray #55 – Rose City in Welland.

It was an interesting competition with a wide variety of styles and topics. John was inspirationally sad as his topic was concerning a challenged individual that he worked with. Tony’s speech was entitled The F word, and it was a great hook. It wasn’t until the end of the introduction that you knew he was talking about forgiveness. It was a very inspiring speech as it gave many examples for us to try to consider our actions and move towards a more conciliatory approach. Tony was conversational as was everyone else but Derek. His speech was about being angry enough to decide to make a change. He had a very dynamic range of vocal variety but he was worked up to an angry state most of the time. It was a great performance.

Gary Ford used a lot of word play about being outside of the box and living in a box. His speech was about thinking and acting to better yourself. It could have qualified as a Humorous Speech. His vocal variety was masterful.
And the winners were: Gary 1st, Derek 2nd, and Tony 3rd. I had no qualms about the judging here.

There were closing remarks and the contest was closed only about 10 minutes over schedule, which was very well done.
It was another very good contest by Division L and most likely our last one in L as next year we could be in Division B. For more commentary on that I suggest you read Peter’s most recent blogs.

~Donald Knowles, Area 52 Governor

The Area 52 Evaluation and International Speech Contest

The time was 19:30, the date was February 26, and the place was Glen Abbey’s home location, Holy Trinity Secondary School on 6th Line in Oakville.

The venue was not the library this time but in the school’s auditorium.

This was a treat as this school had a wonderful fully featured auditorium with theatre style seating, 2 access aisles, a full stage with proscenium arch, fully curtained back drop and stage wings, and enough room for even the most rambunctious Toastmaster.

Glen Abbey had looked after everything in-house; securing the venue, printing the agenda and certificates, organizing the refreshments, and providing the chairs for the two competitions.  They also secured Lavaliere microphones with a small amplifier and speaker to aid in delivery.  They did all of this with no charge to the participants.

Reema Duggal, the Club President, welcomed everyone and then allowed Carol Todd-Skuce (Division Governor) and Donald Knowles (Area Governor) their opportunities to welcome the guests.  Then it was down to business.

Keith Rabey as Chair and Beatrice Ten-Thye as Chief Judge performed their duties well.  The big surprise was Tony Bratschitsch as the test speaker.  Tony delivered a trademark enthusiastic speech with great gestures, eye contact, and vocal variety.  He diplomatically left the conclusion a bit sketchy in order to give the evaluators something to criticize.

The evaluators, in order were; Silke Lambert from Horizon, Bradd Morgan from Trafalgar, Marion West from First Oakville, Mike Kozak from Trafalgar, and Frédérique Herel from Mighty Oaks.

The evaluations were all very good but unfortunately there was 1 time violation.  The winners were, Frédérique, Marion, and Bradd.  This was followed by a recess for refreshments.

The International Speech contest was chaired by Neeta Sharma of Glen Abbey with Carol Deeth presiding as Chief Judge.

The contestants were; Chris Czerwinski  of Mighty Oaks, Francine Landry of Trafalgar, Kim Bayley from First Oakville, Tony Corrie from Glen Abbey, and Suyon Park from Horizon filling in for Anna Meyers who cancelled due to an accident.  The speeches were all very good but there was 1 time violation.

The winners were; Tony, Kim, and Suyon.

The Contest closed at 22:00.  Everyone was satisfied with the event.  The Area Governor was very impressed as it was hands off for him.  A lot of events start off hands off but end up all hands on deck.  Glen Abbey must be commended for a very well-run contest.

Congratulations to Marion and Kim for their wonderful efforts!

Next up is the Division Contest on Friday March 21 at Bishop Tonnis Secondary School, 1100 Panabaker Drive in Ancaster.  It is up the 403 on top of the escarpment.

division INT and EVL contest flyer 2014

~Donald Knowles, Area 52 Governor